"Plan France" : Improving the information provided to Holocaust survivors about home care assistance from the Claims Conference

The Claims Conference offers a home care assistance program for Jewish victims of Nazism. The FMS is launching an ambitious communication campaign to raise awareness about these aids.

In addition to public assistance, the Claims Conference allows individuals recognized as jewish victims of Nazism to benefit from additional home care hours (cleaning, personal care, meal preparation..) at a reduced cost or assistance with out-of-pocket expenses. This includes deportees, hidden chlidren, individuals targeted by round-ups in Europe, as well as those compensated under the "Hardship Fund" for other types of persecution, including Jews from Algeria born before 1943 or Jews fromp Tunesia who experienced the Nazi occupation...

Today, these programs are still too unkown.  Many potential beneficiaries are unaware that they may be entitled to them or how to access them.  According to an estimate by the FMS, approximately 40,000 victims of anti-Semitic persecution during World War II live in France, and nearly a third have never approached the Claims Conference.

The challenge now is to reach those who do not identify themselves as survivors, those who hesitate to ask for help, those who do not think to inquire about these specific programs, or those who mistakenly believe they are not eligible.

Therefore, the Foundation for the memory of the Shoah has launched a "Plan France," aiming to double the number of beneficiaries of Claims home care assistance by the end of 2024.

Flyers, posters, and social media visuals have been created by the Foundation for this purpose.

This effort is coordinated with the Passerelles service of the FSJU and with the three Claims Conference accredited operators in France: adiam Solidarité (Paris, 92, 93, 94), the Casip-Cojasor foundation (Northern France), and the Comité d'Action Sociale Israélite de Marseille (Southern France).

 Plan France: Improving the information provided to Holocaust survivors about home care assistance from the Claims Conference

Accessing Home care assistance programs

If you receive or have already received a "Claims" compensation, please contact directly, according to your place of resuidence:

  • Adiam solidarité (départements 75, 92, 93, 94) : 06 64 18 34 73
  • Casip-Cojasor (parisian region and Northern half of France) : 01 49 23 71 30
  • Casim (Souther ghalf of France) : 04 96 10 06 70

Otherwise, inquire :

  • On the internet page Aides survivants Shoah
  • If you or a relative were a former deportee, hidden child, or orphan of the Shoah: call the national toll-free orientation number implemented by the service Passerelles (FSJU) : 0 800 39 45 00
  • In all other cases ( including Jews from North Africa), please contact: 06 45 75 24 18


Raise awareness about the programs of the Claims Conference among your members

You are responsible for an organization whiose members or visitors might be interested in these assistance devices? Don't hesistate to contact us at 06 45 75 24 18 to obtain leaflets, flyers, visuals or templates for your social media, or to organize an informational meeting.

The Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah supports numerous medical and social programs dedicated to Holocaust survivors and all those who suffered from anti-Semitic persecution during World War II.