All the focuses

The Foundation wishes to draw attention here on fundamental aspects of its activities and missions: Memorial sites it regularly supports, structuring and recurrent projects developed in partnership, such as the Concours national de la Resistance, the Plan France and other iconic and ambitious projects for development of intercultural dialogue such as the project Ombre et Lumières.


Memorial sites

Several tens of memorial sites testify to anti-semitic persecutions


Seminars and publications by the Foundation's scholarship recipients

Every 2 years, the seminar of the Foundation's scholarship recipients gathers researchers who benefited from the scholarship program


National Competition of Resistance and Deportation

Created in 1961, the CNRD aims to perpetuate the memory of the Second World War among middle school and highshcool students


"Shadows and Lights" - Fondation pour l'Islam de France

As part of the intercultural dialogue, the Fondation pour l'islam de France has created historical online content


Claims Conference

Created in 1952 by the Luxembourg agreements, the Claims conference reverses money from the German state to the Holocaust survivors.