Supported projects - Education

The Foundation helps to raise awareness of Jewish culture and to deepen Jewish identity in all its diversity. In order to ensure the transmission of that culture, it prioritizes youth-oriented projects, funding training programs for teachers and leaders of youth movements as well as educational projects for Jewish schools. More broadly, it backs cultural events, books, documentaries, courses, lectures and conferences raising the general public’s awareness of Jewish culture.
The committee pays particular attention to initiatives helping to preserve and keep alive the Yiddish and Judeo-Spanish languages and cultures.
It supports Jewish Studies by awarding research grants and funding translations of the great texts in the Jewish tradition.




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All projects submitted to the Foundation are evaluated independently, then examined by six thematic committees (History of Anti-Semitism and the Shoah, Memory and Transmission, Shoah Education, Jewish Culture, Solidarity, and Combating anti-Semitism and Support for Intercultural Dialogue) made up of volunteer experts.

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Deadline for submitting applications

Proposing a project (except for educational excursions) : September 15th, 2024

Educational excursions : October 10th, 2024