Supported projects - Jewish culture

From the very start, the Foundation has been committed to transmitting and making the best possible use of the thousand-year-old legacy of Judaism — entire segments of which were annihilated during the Shoah. The Foundation supports all aspects of Judaism in its diversity, with a special emphasis on education, to ensure the transmission of Jewish culture from generation to generation. It is especially attuned to initiatives that promote Yiddish and Judeo-Spanish cultures and languages and encourage access to major Jewish texts.




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All projects submitted to the Foundation are evaluated independently, then examined by six thematic committees (History of Anti-Semitism and the Shoah, Memory and Transmission, Shoah Education, Jewish Culture, Solidarity, and Combating anti-Semitism and Support for Intercultural Dialogue) made up of volunteer experts.

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Deadline for submitting applications

Proposing a project in Jewish Culture : September 4th, 2024

To apply for the Small Communities Fund : September 2nd, 2024