The Foundation's Scholars Seminar - 2024

Held every two years, the Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah Scholars Seminar brought together this year those who are supported for the period 2022-2024 as part of the History Commission's scholarship program.

Thursday 18th and Friday 19th, January, 2024, Paris

The seminar of the 2024 fellows was held in person for the first time since 2020, on Thursday, January 18, and Friday, January, 19, 2024.

It brought together thirty international researchers, doctoral students, or postdoctoral researchers, from Europe - from France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Romania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovenia, Lithuania, and Spain - as well as from the United States, Israel, and Burundi, who received support from the Foundation as part of the scholarship program of the History Commission.

During this meeting, the fellows presented their work and the progress of their research, in French or English. Their contributions are available, in PDF format, by clicking on each title.

Organized by the Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah every two years, this seminar is an opportunity for fruitful exchanges among researchers. It illustrates the vitality of research on the history of the Shoah, antisemitism, and other genocides of the 20th century.

Program of the Seminar

Jeudi 18 janvier 2024


► Other genocides: the cases of Rwanda and Burundi

Presidence: Claire Andrieu

Violaine Baraduc - From Stone Carriers to Infanticidal Mothers: Gender Sociabilities and Criminal Autonomy of Rwandan Women Genocidaires in 1994

Juliette Bour -   Rwanda 1994: Women of power and genocide

Philbert Nkurunziza -The massacres of Ntega-Marangara in Burundi through the lense of microhistory (1958-1988)


► Fleeing the persecutions

Presidence : Veerle Vanden Daelen

Anna Cabanel - The roads of exil : Intersecting Paths of Jewish Female Scientists in the 1930s and 1940's

Cristina Parapar - Adorno in exil: Music and philosophy of a mutilated life

Florent Serina - "Courage: Psychologists and Psychoanalysts in Exile in Paris (1933-1942)"


► Documenting the Holocaust

Presidence : Nadège Ragaru 

Sarah Gruszka - Holocaust Diaries Project. Phase 1 : The french case of  the Funds for the Memorial of the Shoah

Lukas Meissel - Photographic testimonies. An Integrated visual history of survival and resistance 

Pawel Michna - Official visual documents of Lodz ghetto's Jewish Council of elders 

Laure Guilbert - Dancing in the ghettos and camps: between prescution and survival


►Life and survival

Presidence : Jean Solchany

Franciszek ZakrzewskiLiving together and apart in Lubartow : a microhistory of a small town in Poland, 1921-1944 

Delphine Richard At the Margins of the History of Jewish Prisoners of War in the French Army: Additional Avenues for Further Exploration

Marta Zawodna-StephanThe female community in death zones. Prisoners in the women's camps at KL Bergen­ Belsen 


► Resisting

Presidence : Marie-Anne Matard-Bonucci

Agathe Dorra - Aesthetics and Forms of Resistance: Contributions of Drawings by Children Made in Extreme Situations

Nicolas Garraud - Laughing beyond the walls : humour and laughter in Jewish communities in Warsaw during the German occupation (1939-1943) 

Justina Smalkyté - Space, Objects, Bodies: The Materialities of Anti-Nazi Resistance in Lithuania under German Occupation (1941-1944)

The Foundation's Scholars Seminar - 2024

The Foundation's Sholars Seminar at the Shoah Memorial (1st day): Presentation by Juliette Bour ©photo FMS/MLP

Friday, January 19, 2024


►After the War, Justice, Itineraries  I

Presidence : Paul Gradvohl 

Julie Dawson The diaries of Blanka Lebzelter : narratives of trauma, oppression, and agency in postwar Romania, 1948-1961 

Emanuel Marius Grec - The Odessa massacre perpetrators : war crimes trials in post-war Romania (1944-1948)

Victoria Gonzalez Maltes - "They are good human stock" : Les programmes d'accueil de réfugiés européens aux États-Unis après la Seconde guerre mondiale


► After the War, Justice, Itineraries II

Presidence : Laurent Veyssière 

Anna Junge - Unexpected neighbors : Jewish and non-Jewish encounters in rural Hesse 1945-1948 

Aliénor BrittmannRepairing the injustices of history: Post-Holocaust and post-colonialism in the French and Italian experiences of cultural property restitution since 1970

►Representations, Literary Approaches

Presidence : Philippe Zard 

Myriam Ackermann-Sommer - From Yizkor to Kaddish: Ethics and Aesthetics of Impossible Mourning in the Short Fiction of American Jewish Literature: Saul Bellow, Cynthia Ozick, Bernard Malamud, and I.B. Singer

Valentine Auvinet - Poetic and Political Representations of Jewish Diasporic History and Memory in the Works of Chantal Ackerman and Charles Reznikoff

Francesca DaineseThe Holocaust in Contemporary French Theatre (1980-2020): Towards Building a Digital Library and Studying the Works of Liliane Atlan.

Astrid Greve Kristensen - Strangers in a strange land : The returns of orphans in Czech Literature of the 2000s 

► Representations, Visual Approaches

Présidence : Denis Charbit 

Judith Lenglart -The Memories of the Holocaust in Israeli Video Art since 1970

Rachel PerryWho will draw our history ? Holocaust graphic narratives by Jewish women survivors


Antisemitism, Yesterday, Today / Combating Antisemitism

Presidence : Denis Charbit 

David Borras - Louis Veuillot (1813-1883): The Journey of a Judeophobic Polemicist

Maria Tarasova Chomard Anarchist Mutual Aid in North America through the Lens of Jewishness and Political Identities (First Half of the 20th Century)

Carlotta MatesanzAntisemitism and the role of Holocaust denial in the digital age : an approach from Social Media companies

The Foundation's Scholars Seminar - 2024

Fellows Seminar at the German Historical Institute - DHI (2nd Day): Presentation by Francesca Dainese ©photo FMS/ID