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    Jewish Culture Committee

    From the very start, the Foundation has been committed to transmitting and making the best possible use of the thousand-year-old legacy of Judaism — entire segments of which were annihilated during the Shoah. The Foundation supports all aspects of Judaism in its diversity, with a special emphasis on education, to ensure the transmission of Jewish culture from generation to generation. It is especially attuned to initiatives that promote Yiddish and Judeo-Spanish cultures and languages and encourage access to major Jewish texts.

    Synagogue of Carpentras

    The synagogue of Carpentras is the oldest synagogue in France still in activity. Built by the Comtadine Jews in 1367, it was rebuilt and enlarged in the 18th century. Today, it is the subject of conservation and development work.

    2017, on radio, by email and on social networks
    Ivrit bedaka : Your minute of Hebrew.

    Ivrit bedaka is a warm daily encounter with the Hebrew language that invites you, every day, every week, to explore the byways of a language that spans millennia. Ivrit bedaka is suitable for beginning and advanced Hebrew speakers.

    2017 -  European Institute of Jewish Music
    French music before and after the Great War - Fernand Halphen, Maurice Ravel

    The First World War marked a deep turmoil, from which the musical creation wasn’t forgotten. Performed by the Orchestra of the Campus of Orsay, Halphen’s Symphony in C minor and Ravel’s piano Concerto for the Left Hand allows us to better appreciate the stylistic diversity of the French musical production at that time.

    Somogy éditions - 2015
    Jewish Artists of the School of Paris 1905-1939, Nadine Nieszawer and Déborah Princ

    Between 1905 and 1939, Paris attracted artists from all over the world. In this melting pot centered on Montparnasse, one group set itself apart: the Jewish artists who came from Russia, Poland, and across Central Europe. Although their styles varied, a common fate united them: they had fled the anti-Semitic persecutions in their home countries.

    Proposing a project

    The committee funds cultural events, books, courses and lectures for the general public while at the same time focusing on youth-oriented projects (teacher training programs, educational projects in Jewish schools, etc.). It also encourages teaching and translation projects involving the Yiddish and Ladino languages and supports Jewish Studies with research grants.

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