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The Hourglass - A musical voyage through the Jewish soul
2017 - European Institute of Jewish Music

This disc gathers works written in the first half of the 20th century by composers in search of a Jewish musical identity. Some of them, such as Gideon Klein, were tragically killed during the Shoah. Others, such as Mieczyslaw Weinberg or Serge Kaufmann, perpetuate their memory. 

French music before and after the Great War - Fernand Halphen, Maurice Ravel
2017 -  European Institute of Jewish Music

The First World War marked a deep turmoil, from which the musical creation wasn’t forgotten. Performed by the Orchestra of the Campus of Orsay, Halphen’s Symphony in C minor and Ravel’s piano Concerto for the Left Hand allows us to better appreciate the stylistic diversity of the French musical production at that time.