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    February 1, 2021
    Further on, it's still night

    The French historians, organizers of the February 2019 colloquium on "The New Polish School of Holocaust History", denounce the legal proceedings carried out in Poland against their Polish colleagues in connection with their research work, and offer them their support, as American and Israeli historians have already done.

    Available in DVD - 2019
    My life in Hitler's Germany, a film by Jérôme Prieur

    In the summer of 1939, a major survey was launched by three Harvard professors among the Germans who had gone into exile after Hitler came to power. This film makes us hear the voices of those women and men who managed to flee the Nazi country in time.

    2017 -  European Institute of Jewish Music
    French music before and after the Great War - Fernand Halphen, Maurice Ravel

    The First World War marked a deep turmoil, from which the musical creation wasn’t forgotten. Performed by the Orchestra of the Campus of Orsay, Halphen’s Symphony in C minor and Ravel’s piano Concerto for the Left Hand allows us to better appreciate the stylistic diversity of the French musical production at that time.

    Available in bookstores in May 2021 - University of Winsconsin Press
     Last Train to Auschwitz - Sarah Federman

    In the immediate post-war period, the French National Railways (SNCF) was celebrated for its acts of heroism. However, recent debates have revealed the ways the SNCF was actively complicit in the deportation of 75,000 people. Sarah Federman delves into the interconnected roles—perpetrator, victim, and hero—the company took on during the Shoah.