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    Proposing a project - History of Anti-Semitism and the Shoah Committee

    Next closing dates : April 1st & November 1st 2022


    To fund research and dissemination of knowledge on anti-Semitic persecution, the Holocaust and other 20th-century genocides.


    Types of projects funded

    • Doctoral, post-doctoral and research travel grants
    • National or international symposia and seminars
    • Publications and translations
    • Collection and preservation of archives
    • Aid to libraries

    See already funded projects


    Research topics funded

    • The implementation of the "Final Solution":
      • Collective history
      • Individual destinies
      • Connections with other genocides: specificities, differences and analogies
      • Origins and consequences until the present
    • Other genocidal phenomena of the 20th century
    • Anti-Semitism since the 19th century

    The Foundation also launches calls for projects in partnership with other institutions.


    Application guidelines

    • The Foundation only funds projects within its areas of competence.
    • The application must involve a specific project. The Foundation does not grant any funding for an organization’s ordinary operating expenses.
    • All applicants must conduct a search for co-funding (except in the case of research grants).
    • A project cannot be retroactively funded.
    • A firm commitment from a French publisher is required for publishing and translation projects.
    • Academic supervision is indispensable for research projects involving travel.


    Assessment guidelines

    • The project’s consistency with the Foundation’s priorities
    • The project organizer’s competence and involvement
    • The project’s groundbreaking character
    • The project’s timeliness, planned dissemination and expected impact
    • The relevance of the project’s budget and justification of the amount requested from the Foundation


    Priority projects

    • Projets opening up new fields of knowledge and taking a groundbreaking approach (in particular in the area of comparative history)
    • Projets focusing on French aspects of anti-Semitism and the Holocaust
    • Projets by young researchers
    • Projects involving interdisciplinary research
    • The international dimension of the research


    The project organizers

    Any public or private for-profit or non-profit organization is eligible to apply. No project proposals from individuals will be accepted (except research and travel grants).

    • For research and travel grants : young or experienced French or foreign researchers
    • For publishing projects: publishing companies
    • For symposia, panel discussions, seminars, archives preservation, etc.: the organizing institution


    Funding arrangements

    If funding is granted, a partnership agreement will be signed.

    The Foundation usually releases its funds in installments.

    Payment of the balance is subject to a project assessment. The project organizer agrees to provide the Foundation with the required administrative and accounting documents and to let it monitor the use of the funds granted.

    The project organizer agrees to mention the Foundation’s support on all its communication materials.


    Applying for funding

    Before applying, please read the complete procedure and contact us to make sure your project is eligible.

    The next closing dates :

    • Missions, invitations, symposia, publication and translation: November 1st, 2022.

    Applications must be received at least three months before the project starts (except research and travel grants applications).

    Incomplete applications will not be processed.

    Barring exceptions, the Foundation announces its decision three to six months after receiving the complete application.



    Project manager

    Mr Dominique Trimbur


    Mrs Léna Talvy
    Tel: +33 (0)1 53 42 63 20


    Documents to download


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