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Next application closing date : April 3rd, 2022

The committee reviews proposals for memorial initiatives (commemorations, plaques, markers, etc.) and projects (films, books, exhibitions, plays, etc.) that transmit the history of the Holocaust and other genocides to the French-speaking public. The Foundation also funds projects to rehabilitate memorial sites in France.

Next application closing date: April 3rd, 2023

Des pans entiers de la culture juive ont été anéantis durant la Shoah. Pour préserver et valoriser cet héritage plurimillénaire, la Fondation soutient le judaïsme dans sa diversité. Elle met l’accent sur l’éducation afin d’en assurer la transmission à travers les générations, et apporte son aide à des manifestations culturelles, ouvrages, documentaires, cours et conférences à destination du grand public. Elle accorde également des bourses de recherche.

Next application closing date : April 3rd, 2023

The committee’s priority is reaching out to youth, but it can also fund cultural events, publications and audiovisual or digital productions intended for the general public. It particularly encourages the fight against hate speech on the Internet. Research and monitoring projects aiming to better understand contemporary anti-Semitism may be funded.

Next closing dates : April 1st & November 1st 2022

The Foundation funds research on anti-Semitism and the Holocaust in history and other fields, including literature, sociology, philosophy, art history, political science and law. Research topics can be directly related to the extermination of the Jews of Europe or involve broader themes, such as anti-Semitism, the memory of the Holocaust, connections between the Holocaust and other genocides, etc.

Next application closing date: January 4th 2024

In France, programs for survivors can be proposed by medical and social institutions (homecare or long-term care facility programs) or organizations (cultural activities and fighting the isolation of seniors). The Foundation also funds programs set up by charitable organizations to help survivors in Israel. For Europe, it has a partnership with the Joint Distribution Committee.

The next closing date (excursions 2021-2022): october 10, 2021

La Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah finance, directement ou via le Mémorial de la Shoah, de nombreux voyages d’études sur des lieux de mémoire, en France et en Europe. Elle attache une attention particulière à la préparation de ces voyages et aux travaux de restitution auxquels ils donnent lieu.

The Foundation takes part in educational efforts to transmit the history of the Holocaust to schoolchildren. It supports the implementation of pedagogical projects designed for middle and high school students and funds study trips to memorial sites, which are preceded by appropriate preparation and followed by projects about the trip. The Foundation can also help develop teaching resources (books, web documentaries, etc.) and organize teacher-training workshops including study trips and seminars on teaching about the Holocaust.

Perhaps you would like to obtain funding to help you carry out a project in connection with the missions of the Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah missions de la Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah.

The Foundation receives proposals for various projects year round. The staff acknowledges receipt of funding applications before undertaking an in-depth review of each one. If all the eligibility guidelines are met, the application is submitted to the appropriate thematic committee for its opinion and then to the Executive Board and, in some cases, the Board of Trustees for a decision.

The “Testimonies of the Shoah” series publishes the accounts of Jews persecuted by the Nazis and their collaborators. Whether they were deported, interned or hidden during the war, the authors recount their personal experiences, shedding additional light on the various aspects of the unprecedented crime of the
Shoah. The series provides the public with texts that have not been published before or that have become