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    Israel: Scholarships for students in exchange for volunteer hours

    2016 / 2017

    The Foundation For The Benefit Of Holocaust Victims In Israel grants a scholarship of NIS 5,000 to 38 students who volunteer 120 hours during the academic year. Each student visits two Holocaust survivors in their homes and helps them cope with their loneliness.

    At the meetings, issues such as family, old-age, culture, current affairs and, of course, the Holocaust period are discussed. Those meetings give the young people new points of view on the history of the Jewish people, on old age, and on values of altruism, compassion and giving. For their part, the survivors have someone who will listen and show understanding. The students and the survivors also take walks together, watch TV programs, play cards, cook, and attend cultural events.

    The volunteer visits are supplemented by regular group and individual guidance. The object of the guidance is to promote joint reflection, to involve all the volunteers in experiences, and to discuss dilemmas and internal conflicts that arise following the meetings with the Holocaust survivors.

    The Volunteer Department works throughout the country: North, Center, Sharon, South and Jerusalem.

    This programm is supported  by the Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah. 




    Foundation for the Benefit of Holocaust Victims in Israel 


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