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    Singing in exile - A film by Nathalie Rossetti and Turi Finocchiaro

    Available on DVD - 2017

    Aram and Virginia, an Armenian couple from the diaspora, transmit an ancestral tradition of chant which is in danger of disappearing to a troupe of European actors. During the process of creating a new play, the couple takes the company on a trip to Anatolia where the Armenian civilization has been destroyed. 

    Along the way, the questioning of the actors brings to the forefront the wealth of this culture: the chant becomes a language of creation and sharing, the breath of life.

    An initiatory journey where the sounds, the music, the bodies and the cries impart a memory and a future.


    Documentary, 2015, France / Poland / Belgium, 75 min, Borak Films / touchFILMS / Les Productions du Lagon

    Released in November 2016, this documentary film is available on DVD with the Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah support.

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