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    Saving Auschwitz? A film by Jonathan Hayoun


    For 70 years, the site of Auschwitz, which has become the dreadful incarnation of the Shoah, is a theater of diversions and confrontations, plundering, attempts to exploit and rewrite its history. Beyond the historical facts, through this documentary, we will revisit the numerous questions raised successively: what to do with the Auschwitz site?   What purpose should it serve?

    Today, as the last survivors are passing on, new dangers are emerging: the danger of desensitization through mass tourism, or the attempts of the local town and its citizens to simply erase the nightmare. For this story is also the story of numerous protagonists and their uphill battle to make sure Auschwitz continues to exist as a memorial and powerfully haunting site for humanity.

    A tormented history, never-before told, wherein the future is still being written today.


    Documentary, France, 2016, 52 mn, ARTE France / Effervescence Productions, with the support of the Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah.

    TV premiere on january 24, 2017 on Arte


    Extracts (in French)


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