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    Proposing a manuscript - "Témoignages de la Shoah" series


    The “Témoignages de la Shoah” series publishes the accounts of Jews persecuted by the Nazis and their collaborators. Whether they were deported, interned or hidden during the war, the authors recount their personal experiences, shedding additional light on the various aspects of the unprecedented crime of the Holocaust.

    The series provides the public with texts that have not been published before or that have become unavailable.

    ublished by Le Manuscrit, in partnership with Storylab, the testimonies are available in a selection of bookstores and on the Internet, in paper or digital format. 

    See the books available in English


    The Reading Committee

    A Reading Committee comprising historians and recognized figures, guarantors of the texts’ quality, reviews testimonies submitted to the Foundation. The committee pays special attention to manuscripts that faithfully and sincerely retell the events experienced by the authors.

    The Reading Committee includes:

    • Serge Klarsfeld, president,
    • Philippe Weyl, series manager,
    • Henri Borlant, former deportee,
    • Isabelle Choko, former deportee,
    • Olivier Coquard, historian,
    • Katy Hazan, historian (OSE - Society for Saving the Children),
    • Dominique Missika, historian,
    • Denis Peschanski, historian,
    • Paul Schaffer, former deportee,
    • Annette Zaidman, former hidden child.


    Proposing a testimony

    Authors or heirs wishing to have a testimony published in the “Témoignages de la Shoah” series can send the Foundation their manuscript, which must be accompanied, if possible, by a digital file in Word format and the duly completed information request.

    The information request that must be filled (doc, in French)

    All of these materials must be sent to the Foundation simultaneously by post and email.



    Project Manager 

    Mr Philippe Weyl

    Email :


    Mrs Régine Socquet
    Tel: +33 (0)1 53 42 63 27

    Postal address

    Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah
    Collection Témoignages de la Shoah
    10 avenue Percier
    75008 Paris


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