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    Horrors of the Nazi Camps – A documentary by François Pomès


    Upon rising to power in Germany in 1933, Adolf Hitler set up concentration camps to imprison opponents to his regime. In less than ten years, these already lethal camps gave way to death camps, the scenes of inhumanity and genocide unparalleled in human history.

    How did these camps become mechanisms to crush and annihilate entire populations, and the tools of a regime that were conceived and created to destroy those who were not wanted by the Reich? Why does history make a distinction between the death camps and the concentration camps? What circumstances led Germany to use gassing in some camps with the purpose of ridding the great Reich of any kind of Jewish presence?

    Though research on these camps, some 70 years later, is still ongoing, this documentary highlights the most recent elements discovered by historians in order to show how, in a span of ten years, a concentration camp system became a streamlined mechanism of genocide.


    Documentary, 2016,  Label News/Label Image, with the support of the Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah


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