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    The Wolves. Eyewitness account of deportee N° 126026 - Eugène Klein

    Éditions Le Manuscrit / Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah - 2009

    Eugène Klein had an extraordinary, multi-faceted life, which he describes here along with his rich and hitherto unpublished eyewitness account. Eugène spent his youth in Hungary in a state of cruel deprivation.

    During World War I, he was conscripted in the Austro-Hungarian Army and served in particular in the Carpathian mountains where living conditions were terrible. He found happiness in France where, thanks to his sporting talents, he was able to settle and found a family in the period between the two wars. As Jews, Eugene and his family faced the Nazi persecutions. They were arrested in Paris on May 1, 1943 and deported to Auschwitz-Birkenau. He was reunited with wife after surviving forced labour and the “death march”. His son never returned.


    154 pages / 6 illustrations
    Printed book: 15,90 € - Ebook: 7,45 €

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