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    I promised my mother to come back - Moniek Baumzecer

    Éditions Le Manuscrit / Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah - 2006

    A Jew from Lodz, Moniek Baumzecer witnessed the collapse of Poland, the persecution of the Jews and their confinement in ghettos. In December 1940, he was consigned to forced labour on Autobahn construction in Germany. He was then sent to the Christianstadt camp in Poland.

    There, his illicit affair with an "Aryan" woman caused him to be sent to the Mauthausen camp, then to Auschwitz. After the evacuation of that camp and the "death march", he returned to Mauthausen before being liberated by the Americans at Ebensee May 6, 1945.

    At the end of the war, Moniek wanted to go to Palestine, but he finally made his home in Paris with his wife. He was forever marked by the Shoah and the loss of his close relatives. Above all, his mother was never to know that he kept his promise and came back.


    Preface by Henry Bulawko

    168 pages / 38 illustrations
    Printed book: 15,90 € - Ebook: 7,45 €

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