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    Escape from Treblinka - Mieczyslaw Chodzko

    Éditions Le Manuscrit / Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah - 2010

    If the death camp of Treblinka is now sadly famous, the labour camp which preceded it (Treblinka I) is much less known. Mieczyslaw Chodzko’s story is one of the rare eyewitness accounts about that camp.

    Mieczyslaw Chodzko was born in Lodz in 1930. Rounded up in the Falenica ghetto, he was deported to Treblinka and transferred on arrival to the labour camp. Two kilometres away, his father was immediately gassed in the terrible death factory of Treblinka II where between 700,000 and 900,000 Jews perished. Mieczyslaw was forced to work in unimaginable conditions. Despite the close surveillance of the guards, he managed to escape with twelve comrades and was reunited with his wife and daughters, who were saved thanks to false papers. From August 1944, he began publishing articles and reports on Treblinka.


    Translated from Polish by Béatrice Nowak and Isabelle Choko
    Annotated by Tal Bruttmann, historian

    246 pages / 24 illustrations
    Printed book: 21,90 € - Ebook: 7,90 €

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