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    Don’t weep, my son - Eva Golgevit

    Éditions Le Manuscrit / Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah - 2010

    In September 1940, Eva Golgevit joined the Solidarity group, Jewish section of the Communist resistance movement MOI (Main-d’Oeuvre Immigrée). She was arrested, imprisoned and deported, like the majority of her network, in Convoy N°58, July 31, 1943.

    On arrival at Auschwitz, she was interned in Block 10, reserved for "medical experiments". For ten months, she managed to avoid the worst, thanks above all to the solidarity of her comrades. She was then transferred to Birkenau, then to the annex at Rajsko, an experimental farm where conditions were less harsh. She survived three “death marches” which brought her to Ravensbrück and Malchof.

    Beyond the horrors of which she bears witness, Eva delivers here a song of hope marked by this faith in life which she never relinquished.


    Preface by Maxime Steinberg

    262 pages / 110 illustrations
    Printed book: 23,90 € - Ebook: 7,90 €

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