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    Ten million euros for future projects


    In a difficult context, the Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah is stepping up its support for Jewish organizations to help them build the future of French Judaism. The FMS Board of Trustees has approved a stopgap release of €10 million over a three-year period in order to significantly participate in the funding of major structural projects.



    The goal is to back projects aiming to bolster French Judaism without unbalancing the Foundation’s budget. The focus is on educational and cultural projects, but other projects may also be considered.

    The Foundation does not fund operating expenses or fill structural deficits. It is open to any organization working to preserve Judaism in France.


    Methods of attribution

    The projects are reviewed in compliance with the Foundation’s statutory procedures: independent assessment, examination by a thematic committee and decision by the Executive Board or Board of Trustees.

    They are submitted to the Jewish Culture Committee, the Fighting Anti-Semitism and Promoting Intercultural Dialogue Committee or, as the case may be, another committee depending on the nature of the project.

    Funding is granted on a special budget line, the amount of which can be re-assessed in the event of need. The Foundation’s decision-making bodies make the decisions to fund projects.


    To file an application, see the Jewish Culture or Fighting Anti-Semitism and Promoting Intercultural Dialogue sections.


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