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    A statue in honour of Captain Dreyfus in Tel Aviv

    Inauguration : Tuesday 27 November 2018

    Alfred Dreyfus, a prominent figure in the history of France, also had a great impact on the Zionist movement and the founding of the State of Israel. To pay tribute to him, a copy of the statue Tribute to Captain Dreyfus by French artist Tim (Louis Mitelberg) was installed in Tel Aviv.

    This commemorative statue project is being carried out by Yaël Perl Ruiz, great-grand-daughter of Captain Dreyfus, who already set up an exhibition on the Dreyfus Affair in Tel Aviv in March 2014.

    The copy of the original statue located at Place Pierre-Lafue in Paris was made with the agreement of the Centre national des arts appliqués. This project was made possible thanks to contributions from the David Hadida Foundation, the Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah, the French Ministry of Culture, the Rothschild Foundation, Lorraine and Martin Beitler and the City of Paris. The Embassy of France in Israel, the French Institute in Israel and the France-Israel Foundation are also partners.

    Located in front of 9 Ahad Ha'am Street - near the Independence Trail, between Tel Aviv's oldest house on Herzl Street, the French Institute and Rothschild Square - the statue is part of the itinerary of educational and cultural visits for young Israelis and tourists.

    As part of the France Israel 2018 season, the statue was inaugurated on Tuesday 27 November 2018 in the presence of the mayors of Paris and Tel Aviv and the French Ambassador to Israel.

    Photo : Yaël Perl Ruiz


    Around the inauguration, two round tables were held on Wednesday 28 November 2018.

    "A Matter of Images: Cartoons and Politics"
    With Philippe Val, former director of Charlie Hebdo, Michel Kichka, press cartoonist, and Joël Kotek, political scientist and historian.

    "The Case, at the Origins of Zionism?"
    With Simon Epstein, historian specialising in anti-Semitism, and Martine Le Blond Zola, great-granddaughter of Émile Zola, Vice-President of the "Maison Zola - Musée Dreyfus", Philippe Oriol, historian specialising in the Dreyfus Case (video message)

    Program (pdf)


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