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    Ivrit bedaka: your minute of Hebrew

    2017, on radio, by email and on social networks

    Ivrit bedaka is a warm daily encounter with the Hebrew language. Bearers of a world-changing message, the ancient words of Hebrew are living witnesses to a monumental culture and to a code of living.  

    Ivrit bedaka invites you to explore the byways of a language that spans millennia. Every day, every week. When you listen to Hebrew, discover more Hebrew, and improve your Hebrew, you’re reinforcing our heritage, protecting our memory, enhancing your identity.

    On June 2017, Ivrit bedaka reaches 50,000 email addresses a day, and more than 400 WhatsApp groups. Ivrit bedaka appears on Snapchat and on Facebook, is broadcast daily on the Jewish radio networks of France and Belgium, and appears in online news media.

    Ivrit bedaka is suitable for beginning and advanced Hebrew speakers.

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    This project is supported by the Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah.

    Ivrit bedaka has been launched successfully for French-speakers and it will soon be available in English and in other languages.

    Ivrit bedaka, la minute d'hébreu

    Podcast about the word Abracadabra on the Ivrit bedaka website.





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