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    The Hourglass - A musical voyage through the Jewish soul

    2017 - European Institute of Jewish Music

    This disc gathers works written in the first half of the 20th century by composers in search of a Jewish musical identity, be it Ernest Bloch, Lazare Saminsky or Joseph Achron.

    Some of them, such as Gideon Klein, were tragically killed during the Shoah. Others, such as Mieczyslaw Weinberg or Serge Kaufmann, perpetuate their memory. 

    Like the hourglass in which runs the Time of History, and where we would be the grains of sand, this disc has the ambition of making us travel through the meanders of the Jewish soul in its most universal aspect: its music !

    Virginie Constant, violoncelle
    Simon Zaoui, piano
    Avec la participation de Katarzyna Alemany, violoncelle

    The Hourglass - A musical voyage through the Jewish soul

    This CD is part of the Classic collection, which allows us to rediscover repertoires of great forgotten composers.

    It has been published with the support of the Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah.

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    The Jewish discotheque

    This CD has been edited by the European Institute of Jewish Music (IEMJ). The first documentation and resource centre on Jewish music in Europe, the IEMJ's mission is to create a reference "Jewish discotheque". Under his own label, it broadcasts and preserves the traces of Jewish musical creation of yesterday and today.

    Its production is divided into four collections:

    • Musical heritages of the Jews of France, which emphasizes the musical traditions of the Jews of France,
    • Archives, which brings back to life anthology recordings that have been completely remastered,
    • Classics, which offers the opportunity to rediscover repertoires of great forgotten composers,
    • Discovery, which presents a vision of contemporary Jewish music in its diversity and cultural diversity.


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