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    The European Institute of Jewish Music


    The first documentation and resource centre on Jewish music in Europe, the European Institute of Jewish Music (IEMJ) was created in 2006 by the Fondation du Judaïsme Français, the Yuval association and the Henriette Halphen Foundation. Led by musicologist Hervé Roten, this Institute aims to safeguard and disseminate the Jewish musical heritage.

    Klezmer, Hasidic, Yiddish, Judeo-Arabic or Judeo-Spanish, liturgical or secular music, the field of Jewish music is as vast as it is composite.

    Preserve and enhance Jewish musical heritage 

    The IEMJ ensures the preservation of this rich musical heritage by collecting and digitizing family or institutional archives.

    The Institute's collections include several tens of thousands of audio and video recordings, scores, books, photos and other archives (concert posters, newspaper articles, etc.). Most of them are accessible online via the Henriette Halphen multimedia library.

    The IEMJ is looking for all types of documents related to Jewish music and has its own digitization studio. Do not hesitate to contact the Institute team if you have archives.

    The Jewish discotheque

    The mission of the IEMJ is to establish a reference "Jewish discotheque". Since 2003, under the aegis of the Fondation du Judaïsme Français and then under its own label, it has been broadcasting and conserving the traces of Jewish musical creation of yesterday and today.

    Its production is divided into four collections:

    • Musical heritages of the Jews of France, which emphasizes the musical traditions of the Jews of France,
    • Archives, which brings back to life anthology recordings that have been completely remastered,
    • Classics, which offers the opportunity to rediscover repertoires of great forgotten composers,
    • Discovery, which presents a vision of contemporary Jewish music in its diversity and cultural diversity.

    This latest collection helps contemporary artists to make themselves known by publishing and distributing their CDs. Many groups of musicians continue to explore the Jewish musical repertoire, bringing their touch to it. 

    The IEMJ receives support from the Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah for its work to preserve and enhance Jewish music.

    European Institute of Jewish Music

    29 rue Marcel Duchamp 
    75013 Paris
    Phone : +33 1 45 82 20 52 / Email :

    Open to the public:
    Monday to Thursday from 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 6pm


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