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    Doctoral grants for Jewish Studies

    Next closing date : April 2nd, 2024

    The Fondation for the Memory of the Shoah and the Foundation for French Judaism offer a program to support Jewish Studies in France. It offers a doctoral fellowship that must be held in a French university or in cotutelle with a French university. The post-doctoral fellowship must be attached to a university setting.

    Aid offered

    Each year, they award four doctoral grants to students in France or abroad writing in French.

    Recipients receive a stipend of €1,200 a month for a maximum of 12 months, renewable once subject to the acceptance of a new application. The first stipend is paid on the first September 15 following the application’s acceptance.

    Application guidelines

    Subject areas

    • History of Jewish languages and Hebrew
    • Biblical and rabbinical studies
    • History and archeology
    • Ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary philosophy and literature
    • Jewish art (specialties: “religious art” and “Jewish sources in art”)
    • Sociology of contemporary Judaism (education sciences, ethnology, anthropology)
    • Political science and international relations

    Three of the four grants that may be awarded are in the following areas: Hebrew or Hebrew literature (one grant), Jewish history (one grant), art or archeology (one grant).

    Academic supervision

    • Applicants must be enrolled in a thesis program at the time of application. University supervision is also required for applicants requesting research grants.
    • Two letters of recommendation from academics (including the thesis director) must accompany the application.


    Knowledge of Hebrew and Jewish languages is indispensable for topics requiring access to primary and secondary sources in those languages.

    A grant may be renewed once. The renewal terms are the same as those for the first application. A detailed report on the work’s progress must accompany the renewal application.

    Academic committee

    An academic committee reviews the applications.

    Its members are Mireille Hadas-Lebel (president), Jean Baumgarten, Isabelle Cohen, Paul Fenton, Jean-Pierre Rothschild, Judith Schlanger, Nathalie Serfaty, Perrine Simon-Nahum and Daniel Tollet.

    Applying for funding

      Before applying, please read the complete procedure and contact us to make sure your project is eligible.

      Next closing date : April 2nd, 2024

      Applications must be received at least three months before the project starts (except research grant applications).

      Incomplete applications will not be processed.

      Barring exceptions, the Foundation announces its decision three to six months after receiving the complete application.


      Project manager : Mrs Isabelle Cohen
      Assistant : Mrs Léna Talvy
      Tel: +33 (0)1 53 42 63 20


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