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    Anthology of Judaism

    Editions Nathan, 2007

    Judaism and Jewish culture are not as well known today as they could be, both with regard to their religious aspects and to their literature and philosophy.

    This anthology, destined for a general readership, brings together fundamental texts, selected by several specialists, which evoke the richness and diversity of a rich culture that goes back several thousand years. Thanks to a grant from the Foundation this book was published under the editorial direction of Francine Cicurel, Professor of linguistics and didactics at the University of Paris 3.


      Through the presentation of fundamental Jewish religious texts and multi-stranded interpretation, we discover the principles of Judaism and the constant concern in Judaism with teaching (the word “Torah” comes from the word “to teach”) and transmission.
      The anthology equally offers a vision of the richness of Jewish philosophy which has been enriched with multiple influences and has itself influenced many great thinkers.

      In the area of literature, writers have often raised the question of Jewish identity, with particular acuity. This question also runs through different historical works dealing with both the diaspora and Zionism.

      The anthology illuminates both the enriching cultural dialogues which are threaded through Jewish history, as well as the terrible persecutions which Jews have endured throughout history, and which reached its terrible apogee in the Shoah.

      This richly-illustrated anthology, offering a broad panorama of a rich and vibrant cultural tradition, is an indispensable reference work both for all those who wish to discover Judaism and Jewish culture and those who wish to deepen their knowledge.

      Extrait de l'émission "La source de vie" produite et présentée par Josy Eisenberg,diffusée le 13 juillet 2008 sur France 2.


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