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Jewish culture

A statue in honour of Captain Dreyfus in Tel Aviv
Inauguration : Tuesday 27 November 2018

Alfred Dreyfus, a prominent figure in the history of France, also had a great impact on the Zionist movement and the founding of the State of Israel. To pay tribute to him, a statue in honour of Captain Dreyfus was placed in front of 9 Ahad Ha'am Street in Tel Aviv.

Cover sheet - Jews and Modernity from Perrine Simon-Nahum
Éditions Albin Michel - 2018

As the heirs of a culture where sacred and profane intertwine, Jews were the first to embark on the adventure of the human sciences that marked the 19th century. This encounter between Judaism and modernity sheds new light on French political and intellectual history.

The Hourglass - A musical voyage through the Jewish soul
2017 - European Institute of Jewish Music

This disc gathers works written in the first half of the 20th century by composers in search of a Jewish musical identity. Some of them, such as Gideon Klein, were tragically killed during the Shoah. Others, such as Mieczyslaw Weinberg or Serge Kaufmann, perpetuate their memory. 

French music before and after the Great War - Fernand Halphen, Maurice Ravel
2017 -  European Institute of Jewish Music

The First World War marked a deep turmoil, from which the musical creation wasn’t forgotten. Performed by the Orchestra of the Campus of Orsay, Halphen’s Symphony in C minor and Ravel’s piano Concerto for the Left Hand allows us to better appreciate the stylistic diversity of the French musical production at that time.

Ivrit bedaka : Your minute of Hebrew.
2017, on radio, by email and on social networks

Ivrit bedaka is a warm daily encounter with the Hebrew language that invites you, every day, every week, to explore the byways of a language that spans millennia. Ivrit bedaka is suitable for beginning and advanced Hebrew speakers.

Synagogue of Carpentras

The synagogue of Carpentras is the oldest synagogue in France still in activity. Built by the Comtadine Jews in 1367, it was rebuilt and enlarged in the 18th century. Today, it is the subject of conservation and development work.

Next application closing date : April 4th, 2024

Des pans entiers de la culture juive ont été anéantis durant la Shoah. Pour préserver et valoriser cet héritage plurimillénaire, la Fondation soutient le judaïsme dans sa diversité. Elle met l’accent sur l’éducation afin d’en assurer la transmission à travers les générations, et apporte son aide à des manifestations culturelles, ouvrages, documentaires, cours et conférences à destination du grand public. Elle accorde également des bourses de recherche.

Created in 2013 by Shmuel Trigano, the Université Populaire du Judaïsme offers a series of courses in the fundamental disciplines of Jewish studies. Combining intellectual rigor while aiming to remain accessible to the largest number of people, these seminars are open to everyone who would like to discover or pursue their knowledge of Judaism.

Since 2008, the Rachel and Jacob Gordin Fondation has helped Jewish schools fund property projects. The Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah houses the Gordin Foundation in the framework of a partnership with the United Jewish Social Fund, the Harevim Fund and the Rothschild and Sacta-Rashi Foundations.