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    Rest trips


    Every year since 2011, “Dessine-Moi Mon Répit” organizes trips for dependant seniors. They have two goals: to let them enjoy a vacation and give their caregivers a break.

    In connection with a network of facilities and gerontology services, “Dessine-Moi Mon Répit” can offer vacations to seniors with severe disabilities. Surrounded by healthcare professionals and trained volunteers, they can participate in various activities, including memory-building workshops, exercise classes, cultural visits, spa treatments, relaxation sessions, etc.

    The trips also give the most isolated people an opportunity to build a social network by prolonging their new relationships afterwards (visits and interaction with families).

    The vacations organized in 2015 received funding from the Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah.

    2015 - Photo : DDMR

    Séjours de vacances pour les survivants de la Shoah dépendants

    Activité ludique lors d'un séjour de répit - Photo : DMMR



    Dessine-Moi Mon Répit - DMMR
    2 bis, rue Dupont de l’Eure
    75020 Paris
    Tel : 01 46 65 30 55
    Courriel :

    Document de présentation du séjour 2021 (pdf)


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