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    A mutual health insurance for Holocaust survivors


    The Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah funds a mutual health insurance program managed by the Casip-Cojasor social services department for Holocaust survivors who are on low incomes or in temporary financial straits. The mutual offers negotiated contracts and partial or total coverage of medical expenses.

    The Claims Conference website has a single application form. It allows applicants to verify their eligibility and, as the case may be, to request either a pension or a lump-sum compensation payment.

    Applying for Claims Conference programs is free.

    The Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah funds this program.

    Download the application form on Claims Conference website (available in English, German, Hebrew, Russian, French)

    Learn more about Claims Conference compensation programs



    Fondation Casip-Cojasor - Services social
    8 rue Pali-Kao
    75020 Paris

    Tel: +33 (0)1 44 62 13 13


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