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    Help for Holocaust survivors in Greece


    In Greece, the Jewish community, like rest of the population, has suffered the painful consequences of the economic crisis. Local Jewish organizations are doing their best to cope with this social emergency, but their resources are limited. Holocaust survivors are especially hard hit by the situation: the Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah has decided to substantially increase the aid it sends them. In 2015, the Foundation renewed its support for Athens’ Jewish community, coming to the aid of 280 Holocaust survivors.

    Seniors on small pensions have borne the brunt of rising prices. Moreover, many of their children are unemployed and living below the poverty line, which means they can no longer help their parents.

    To supplement aid from the Claims Conference, the Foundation has granted a subsidy covering Holocaust survivors’ medical expenses (doctors’ fees, hospitalization costs and medicine), home care costs and household bills (power, gas, etc.).

    Synagogue Beth Shalom à Athènes - Photo : Arie Darzi / Wikimedia Commons



    Jewish Community in Athens
    Melidoni 8
    Athina 105 53

    Tel: +30 210 3252823 / +30 210 3252875


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