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    Aloumim, the Israeli organization of children hidden in France


    Aloumim is an Israeli organization grouping together children hidden in France during the Holocaust and the volunteers who work with them. It focuses on preserving memory and provides its neediest members with medical and social assistance.

    Aloumim has received financial backing from the Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah since 2003. The organization has a three-part program offering:

    • Psychological support:
      Support groups in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv
      Moral support from psychologists
      Weekly or monthly meetings of the organization’s members.
    • Administrative support: assistance with applying for restitution for wartime spoliations and for compensation (deportees’ orphan pensions and pensions from the Claims Conference).
    • Economic and social aid: support for needy members who are aged, often isolated and sometimes suffering from Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and the effects of strokes.

    This financial aid helps them cover their medical and paramedical expenses, housing costs or exceptional expenses.

    Berthe Badehi is a member of Aloumim. Standing in front of the Yad Vashem Wall of the Righteous in Jerusalem, she pays tribute to Marie Massonnat, the woman who hid her during the war. - Photo : Fondation France Israël



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