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    Israel: Helping survivors to claim their rights


    The NGO Aviv was set up in 2007 to help israeli survivors of the Shoah to receive the aid and compensation to which they are entitled. 18 professional lawyers and 50 volunteers provide them with information and guidance.

    About 180,000 survivors of the Shoah live in Israel. A quarter of them live below the poverty line. Among them, hundreds do not receive the aid to which their status entitles them.

    Inform and guide survivors in their efforts

    Many survivors are unaware of, or do not know that they can benefit from, the different programmes available to them and their developments. Many are also discouraged by the cumbersome procedures.

    In order to give them a clear vision of the aid to which they are entitled, and to help them prepare their applications, the NGO forms partnerships with town halls to set up local information centres.

    Mieux toucher les survivants du Sud 

    In 2017, the NGO expands its activities in the south of the country, where 40,000 survivors live.

    To enable as many survivors as possible to assert their rights, the volunteers from Aviv go to meet the survivors. They mainly target the Kibbutzim and Moshavim, where many elderly people born in Europe before the Shoah live.

    The NGO is also developing a programme in southern Israel to identify survivors who are losing their autonomy.They will benefit from home visits.

    Finally, it expands the reach of its centre in Ashdod to touch survivors throughout the region. 

    55,000 survivors supported in 10 years

    Since its creation, Aviv has helped 55,000 people who have benefited from 280 million Shekels (approximately €72 million). 

    Aviv's services are completely free for survivors. (in Hebrew and English)


    The Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah supports Aviv and its development projects in the south of the country.

    Une bénéficiaire et une volontaire de l'ONG Aviv. © ONG Aviv


    10 000 survivants aidés en 2020

    Avec la pandémie de covid, les besoins se sont encore accrus. Pour pouvoir mener à bien ses missions, et venir au domicile des survivants pour les informer de leurs droits et les aider à remplir les formulaires adéquats, l'ONG s'est rapidement procuré des permis de circuler pendant le confinement, ses volontaires étant considérés comme des "travailleurs essentiels". Ainsi, AVIV a pu venir en aide à 10 000 personnes et les aider à bénéficier d'aides pour un montant de 20 millions de Shekels (près de 6 M€).

    Les services proposés par AVIV sont entièrement gratuits pour les survivants. (en hébreu et en anglais)


    La Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah soutient l'ONG Aviv.


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