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    Israel - comprehensive psychological support for Holocaust survivors


    The Elah association offers to the Israeli survivors of the Shoah a comprehensive treatment of psycho-social problems they may encounter. These may include trauma directly related to the Shoah, as well as problems caused by old age: first signs of neurological degeneration, anxiety-depressive syndrome, psychological distress linked to loneliness.

    2200 survivors benefit from its services every year. Some participate in group therapy sessions, others, less autonomous, receive regular visits from a psychologist. Various writing and theatre workshops are also held throughout the country.

    Beyond the psychological support itself, these regular sessions help to reestablish a social bond with the most isolated people. In addition, professionals and volunteers of the association also act as observers and are able to point out to Elah the medical or social problems encountered by the participants.

    Founded by Hollandic Shoah survivors, the association is committed to providing appropriate psychological support for all survivors who wish to do so.

    The Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah supports this programme. It contributes to the financing of home visits for some 50 survivors not covered by public schemes.

    Contact information Tel: 212-599-1260 / Email:

    More information : (in Hebrew)


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