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Help for survivors

Passerelles is a national call center providing Holocaust survivors with a friendly ear, support and guidance. It is the main gateway to the organizations, community groups and public bodies most likely to meet their needs.

In France, programs for survivors can be proposed by medical and social institutions (homecare or long-term care facility programs) or organizations (cultural activities and fighting the isolation of seniors). The Foundation also funds programs set up by charitable organizations to help survivors in Israel. For Europe, it has a partnership with the Joint Distribution Committee.

Café des Psaumes: the OSE’s community-based social café

The Café des Psaumes is a social café, rue des Rosiers in Paris, offering cultural activities aiming to breathe new life into the neighborhood’s "Jewish soul". The café’s priority is seniors, Shoah survivors and immigrants from North Africa, but is open to all, fostering intergenerational bonds.

The Casip-Cojasor Foundation has two venues that host and develop activities for seniors, especially Holocaust survivors. The Senior and Culture Center in Paris offers lectures, workshops, meetings, shows and cultural activities.

In Greece, the Jewish community, like rest of the population, has suffered the painful consequences of the economic crisis. Holocaust survivors are especially hard hit by the situation: the Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah has decided to substantially increase the aid it sends them.

Created in 2012, the fund is intended to acknowledge the suffering of Holocaust survivors who endured unimaginable trauma in their childhoods, encompassing a range of experiences that included separation from parents, living in hiding with the terror of being caught, privation and abuse in ghettos and even the horrors of concentration camps, where very few children survived. Eligible survivors should apply to receive € 2,500 one-time payment.