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    Testimonies of the Shoah


    Simone Veil and Emmanuel Hoog, head of the National Audiovisual Institute, announced the completion of the first programme ‘Testimonies of the Shoah, a collection of 115 audiovisual testimonies of former deportees, hidden children, Resistance workers, Justes and other witnesses of the period of Occupation.

    Un des 110 témoins de la déportation juive, lors du tournage à l'Ina
    Photo : Martial Lorcet


    These testimonies accompany five ‘memory actors’ who contextualise the words of each witness. These testimonies are available on the Internet, with a well-designed interface that allows the user to navigate each testimony and to search using keywords.

    Twenty testimonies will be freely available, the others will be available with a password. The Foundation intends for them to be used as a resource for teachers, students and researchers.


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