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    The Financial Committee


    The Financial Committee operates under the Board of Trustees’ authority. It is chaired by a judge from the Court of Auditors and includes eight members appointed by the Board of Trustees. 

    The committee reviews general matters regarding the Foundation’s finances. Its opinion is binding for all the financial decisions proposed to the Board of Trustees, and it monitors the quality of the information transmitted to the Foundation’s trustees, donors and partners. It also gives an opinion on the funding of projects with particularly large budgets.

    The financial committee proposes an investment policy to the Board and monitors it.




    President : Mr Thierry Dahan, Master Counsellor at the Cour des Comptes

    Mr Anton Brender, chief economist at Candriam

    Mr Dominique Chesneau, Managing Partner of Tresorisk Conseil

    Mr Arnaud Chneiweiss, General Delegate of the French Insurance Federation

    Mr Jean-François Guthmann, former Head of the Financial Activities Control Mission at the Treasury Directorate General

    Mrs Nelly Léonhardt, former managing partner at Lazard Frères et Cie

    Mr André Levy-Lang, former Chairman of the Management Board of Paribas

    Mr Marcel Nicolaï, former managing partner at Rothschild & Cie Gestion

    Mr David Spector, economist, research fellow at the CNRS


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