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    The Executive Board


    The Board of Trustees elects the Executive Board members to three-year terms renewable three times. The Executive Board reviews all the business submitted to the Board of Trustees, carries out its decisions and decides whether or not to support most of the projects presented to the Foundation.



    David de Rothschild
    Former president of Rothschild & Co


    Serge Klarsfeld
    President of the association "Fils et Filles de Déportés Juifs de France" (Sons and daughters of the French Jewish deportees)

    Pierre-François Veil
    President of the French Committee for Yad Vashem


    Patrick Kron
    President of Truffle Capital

    Secretary general

    Alice Tajchman
    Maître de conférences honoraire des Universités (Honorary lecturer of the Universities)


    Eric de Rothschild
    President of the Shoah Memorial in Paris 


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