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    A year of work on the history of the Resistance and the Holocaust at the Lycée Bergson in Angers

    2013-2014 school year

    Since 1995, second-to-last year students at the Lycée Henri-Bergson in Angers have participated in a year-long educational project on the Holocaust and the Resistance. This year’s theme was "Historical and Memorial Sites of the Resistance, the Holocaust and the Gypsy Genocide, from Anjou to Krakow". In  2014, they followed in the deportees’ footsteps to Poland.

    Students in Auschwitz


    During the trip, the students visited the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration and extermination camp, the museum in Oscar Schindler’s former factory and  the city of Krakow.

    Before and after the journey, the students did important work allowing them to fully realize the scale of the horror of the Jews’ extermination at Auschwitz.

    In their history classes, they studied the Occupation, Resistance, deportation and Liberation in Anjou. They did research in the departmental archives, met former deportees, visited the new synagogue in Angers and toured the Shoah Memorial in Paris.

    Former deportee Henri Borlant testifying before students at the Shoah Memorial


    Afterwards, they worked on various projects. Eight of them won the departmental first prize of the Resistance and Deportation National Competition in June 2014 in the Group category.

    Their work can be found on the Lycée Bergson website (in French).

    The Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah has funded school trips organized by the Lycée Bergson since 2009.


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