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    Proposing a project - Educational excursions

    The next closing date (excursions 2021-2022): october 10, 2021

    The Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah believes that educational excursions to the places where Jews were interned, deported and exterminated during the Second World War supplement classroom teaching.

    Experience shows that these trips help the participants understand the Holocaust’s specificity better.

    To encourage such initiatives, the Foundation can grant financial aid after reviewing an application. It pays particular attention to the preparation of these trips and to the students works.


    •   To help students understand the Holocaust’s dimensions and specificity better
    •   To supplement classroom teaching

    Public concerned

    • Teachers whose program includes the Holocaust

    • High school classes (last two years) whose program includes the Holocaust

    • Middle school classes (third level), only for visits to memorial sites in France

    • The Foundation does not fund trips to memorial sites organized for primary school classes (except to places near the school, for last-year classes). However, it can fund other kinds of educational projects geared to the youngest children’s age and level of knowledge

    • The Foundation only supports trips organised by French institutions (including French schools abroad).

    Application guidelines

    • All trips require thorough planning and follow-up geared to the participants’ level
    • The Foundation only funds excursions intended for teachers or students
    • Trips to Eastern Europe must include an introduction to the Jewish culture destroyed there in the Holocaust
    • Trips must take place between November 1 and April 30
    • Participants are expected make an individual financial contribution, no matter how small
    • Excursions cannot be retroactively funded
    • Teachers, trainers and heads of organizations can organize trips. No applications for private trips will be accepted


    Review guidelines

    • Relevance and originality of the themes studied
    • Choice of sites visited and the trip’s educational goals
    • Quality and objectives of the preparatory work
    • Quality of the students works
    • Relevance of the budget, justification of the amount requested from the Foundation


    Funding arrangements

    If funding is granted, a partnership agreement will be signed.

    The Foundation usually releases its funds in installments.

    Payment of the balance is subject to a project assessment. The project organizer agrees to provide the Foundation with the required administrative and accounting documents and to let it monitor the use of the funds granted.

    The project organizer agrees to mention the Foundation’s support on all its communication materials.


    Applying for funding

    Before applying, please read the complete procedure and contact us to make sure your project is eligible.

    The next closing date (excursions 2021-2022): October 10, 2022

    Incomplete applications will not be processed.

    Barring exceptions, the Foundation announces its decision three to six months after receiving the complete application.



    Project manager

    Mr Dominique Trimbur


    Mrs Yanique Mervius
    Tel: +33 (0)1 53 42 63 17


    Document to download

    Application (doc, in French)


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