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    History and Memory Week in Cluny

    February-March 2016 – Cluny (71)

    On February 15, 1944, Marie-Louise Zimberlin, a teacher at the Lycée “La Prat’s” in Cluny, was arrested in the middle of class for her Resistance activities.

    On February 27, the Polish Jewish Oferman-Rotbart was arrested in Cluny. A neighbor saved the youngest child, Claudine.

    Forty students at the Lycée La Prat’s focused on these emblematic destinies as part of an educational project for History and Memory and Week in Cluny.

    Marie-Louise Zimberlin


    The "Number 35494" project

    In autumn 2015, this educational project began under the direction of several teachers at the Lycée La Prat’s and Chantal Clergue, chief education adviser of the school.

    The students worked on the history of deportation, the Holocaust and the Resistance in Cluny. They wrote reports about their reading (in English, German or French), their visits to memorial sites (the Resistance and Deportation History Centre in Lyon, Shoah Memorial, Maison d’Izieu or Montluc Prison National Memorial) and their meetings with writers or witnesses (the Klarsfelds, novelist Marie Theulot, Marta Baumgartner, Jean Nallit in Montluc, Mady Viguier in Cluny, etc.). They also produced photo or video reportages.

    As part of the project, in April 2016 they traveled to Auschwitz-Birkenau, a trip that was supported by the Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah.

    More information about the students’ "Number 35494" blog (in French)


    History and Memory Week

    Saturday February 27 to Sunday March 6, 2016 in Cluny

    On the program: exhibitions, conferences, lectures, films and laying of "Stolpersteine" (commemorative “stumbling stones”)

    The complete program (pdf, in French)

    TV report by France 3 Bourgogne (06/02/2016, in French)

    Testimony by Claudine Rotbart-Billaud (TV report)

    Claudine Rotbart-Billaud’s parents, Fanny Rotbart and Jacques Oferman, were arrested in Cluny in 1944 because they were Jewish. Rivka Benzazon and Claire Weymuller, second-year students at the Lycée La Prat’s, collected testimony (in French) with help from Marc Weymuller of the Les Petites Caméras organization.


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