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    Educational excursions

    The Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah believes that educational excursions to the places where Jews were interned, deported and exterminated during the Second World War supplement classroom teaching.

    Experience shows that these trips help the participants understand the Holocaust’s specificity better.

    To encourage such initiatives, the Foundation can grant financial aid after reviewing an application. It pays particular attention to the preparation of these trips and to the students works.

    The Foundation only funds excursions in France or abraod intended for teachers or students whose program includes the Holocaust.

    Proposing a project

    2013-2014 school year

    Since 1995, second-to-last year students at the Lycée Henri-Bergson in Angers have participated in a year-long educational project on the Holocaust and the Resistance. This year’s theme was "Historical and Memorial Sites of the Resistance, the Holocaust and the Gypsy Genocide, from Anjou to Krakow". In  2014, they followed in the deportees’ footsteps to Poland.