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DVD in English and German available - 2010

A group of people who survived Auschwitz and Birkenau, return to the main extermination and concentration camp set up by the Nazis. Produced by the Union of Auschwitz Deportees-France, this DVD-Rom displays 219 sequences of testimony. Computer-generated images, based on historical documents and the actual state of the buildings, bring us closer to the reality of the camps. 

<p>In January 2005 the magazine Je lis des histoires vraies (Fleurus Presse), with the support of the Foundation for the Memorial of the Shoah, devoted a special edition to the liberation of the camps. Hundreds of letters were sent to Charles Palant, survivor of Auschwitz, who told his story in this issue. This exhibition presents the children's letters, with their moving messages of peace and fraternity.</p>