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    Hors limites/Out of Limits: Art as a Medium for Intercultural Dialogue


    The association Mémoires de l'Avenir uses art as a universal toot to foster intercultural dialogue. Each year, its actions are oriented around a particular theme. In 2016-2017, the aim was to think about limits and the overcoming of these.

    Limits and boundaries are before all a confrontation with otherness. They question our ethical relationship to each other and with society, how to accommodate the other, from the perspective of mutual enrichment. Perhaps border lines also express the right to individualism and diversities. 

    A borderline is primarily symbolic. Going beyond limits drives man into his own creativity, to art, to invention. Beyond limits is where we can discover a new areas of freedom, establish new relationships. But in any case that freedom can be dissociated from the notions of equality and fraternity, that are the guarantors of liberty for all. Even more, borders invite us to an overrun, by opening to new territories that have never been imagined before.

    Using art and culture as medium, this project offers educational and teaching tools that enhance the recognition, inclusion and social integration. Culture is inseparable from development; it is an investment - or a bet on the future. It allows us to free ourselves from the limits.

    Projet artistique réalisé par un groupe de participants aux ateliers. Crédit : Mémoires de l'avenir

    Phto credit : Mémoires de l'avenir


    Practical information

    Mémoire de l'Avenir
    Espace inter-culturel pluridisciplinaire
    45/47 rue Ramponeau - 75020 Paris

    Montay to Saturday
    11am to 7pm

    Contact : +33 9 51 17 18 75 /


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