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    Cultural activities

    Many Jewish organizations propose cultural and social activities. They have created venues that offer Holocaust survivors opportunities to meet each other and socialize, foster intergenerational bonds and promote the transmission of the memory of the Holocaust and Jewish culture. Everybody can participate in their activities and workshops or just enjoy a coffee with friends.

    The activities are open to all, and many are free.

    The Casip-Cojasor Foundation has two venues that host and develop activities for seniors, especially Holocaust survivors. The Senior and Culture Center in Paris offers lectures, workshops, meetings, shows and cultural activities.

    Café des Psaumes: the OSE’s community-based social café

    The Café des Psaumes is a social café, rue des Rosiers in Paris, offering cultural activities aiming to breathe new life into the neighborhood’s "Jewish soul". The café’s priority is seniors, Shoah survivors and immigrants from North Africa, but is open to all, fostering intergenerational bonds.