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    The Venice Ghetto, 500 years of life - by Emanuela Giordano


    The movie reconstructs the history of the oldest ghetto of Europe, thanks to the memories and to the testimonies of “excellent” witnesses, custodians of the memory and of the complex evolution of the Jewish community in Venice. Each one will focus a theme such as the origins, the relationship between the Jews and the Government of the Serenissima, the great figures in the history of the ghetto, the money, the food, the Jewish-Venetian language, the persecutions and integration.

    We will tell of the daily life, and some moments of identity: a Bar Mitzvah, and a funeral. We will discover the synagogues hidden behind the facades, seemingly anonymous, the ancient Jewish cemetery, and many other places strongly evocative of an ancient and polymorphic culture.


    The narrative track follows the path of discovery of Lorenzo, a teenage Jewish boy from New York. Lorenzo is sent to Venice to learn about the origins of his mother’s family, closely related to the origins of life in the ghetto. Lorenzo will face this journey of discovery in the company of an Aunt and two young Venetian cousins who offer him the stimulus to enter more and more into a world unknown to him.


    This film is supported by the Fondation pour la Mémoire de la Shoah.


    Documentary, 2015, Italy/France, 54′-68’, Tangram Film/Arsam International

    Italian Docs Screening 2012 – Selected Project
    IDFAcademy 2013 – Selected Project


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