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    Help for survivors

    Solidarity Committee

    Solidarity toward Shoah survivors and those who suffered anti-Semitic persecution is one of the main priorities of the Foundation for the Memory of the Shoah. The Foundation finances specific programs established by social and medical institutions. These programs aim to meet the needs of Shoah survivors by offering specific services. The Foundation also works to reduce the isolation of survivors by supporting associations that offer them group activities and cultural events. Today, approximately 3,000 Shoah survivors may benefit from these specific services.

    Latet is an organization that helps disadvantaged Israelis. Since 2007, the Foundation has supported this group, which comes to the aid of needy Holocaust survivors in Israel.

    Café des Psaumes: the OSE’s community-based social café

    The Café des Psaumes is a social café, rue des Rosiers in Paris, offering cultural activities aiming to breathe new life into the neighborhood’s "Jewish soul". The café’s priority is seniors, Shoah survivors and immigrants from North Africa, but is open to all, fostering intergenerational bonds.

    Proposing a project

    In France, programs for survivors can be proposed by medical and social institutions (homecare or long-term care facility programs) or organizations (cultural activities and fighting the isolation of seniors). The Foundation also funds programs set up by charitable organizations to help survivors in Israel. For Europe, it has a partnership with the Joint Distribution Committee.

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    Next closing dates
    • Social contact programs
      and international projects (Israel): 

      March 15, 2019 
    • Medical-social programs
      and international projects (in partnership with the Joint)

      September 5, 2019